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About Us

My name is Mary Mingo and I am the owner of Home Watchers of Tucson LLC which was established in August 2006. I retired from Qwest Communications after 30 years of service in 2004. I also worked as a consultant for Jenny Craig. But my life and passion changed July 31, 2006. Our home was flooded by 41" of water and as we sat on the roof of our home I made a vow that this shouldn't happened to anyone else, ever. So my company was established and although I ride out a flood on top of your roof I will be there to inform and pick up the pieces if that disaster ever strikes.

While working for Qwest Communications I learned observation skills from outside phone work. I also have a code of ethics not found in many today. I also have my team of " Go To" people that are licensed electricians, plumbers. I also have handymen and Air Conditioning, heating professionals to call on at a moments notice. My team has taken years to build and I can count on them!

I also will read the water meter to make sure there is not a break in the line which could cause flooding and outrageous water bills. Concierge on your return can also be provided.

Your home is one of, if not your most valuable asset. Don’t leave it to chance!



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